Diesel Generators For Export

Today, companies of every size rely on diesel generators to get a consistent supply of electrical energy in required times, like brownouts, energy cuts, and related interruptions to the main electric supply. In most cases, diesel generators for export produce electricity by simply burning diesel fuels. They are handy equipment for general electricity by converting chemical energy into mechanical energy via the combustion process.

Features of Generators :

Diesel generators for export to diverse industries across the world come with the following interesting features :

Available in relatively large sizes than other electric generators
Perfect to supply a huge deal of power for many hours
Rely on air or liquid to provide cooling function and to allow smooth functioning of the generator
Can transfer the power supply source automatically from a power grid towards it at the time of a power cut
Ability to display warning messages in the case of performance issues or low fuel
Display several analysis data to boost the device’s efficiency

Applications of Generators :

Many companies today look for generators for export to meet their following applications :

Useful as backup electric supply systems for shops, homes, and offices in the case of power grid connection loss or power outage.

Preferable and useful as a primary power supply source in distant areas, where power grid connection becomes a challenging task.

Diesel generators power tools and machinery at job sites, where power supply from the power grid is somewhat impossible.

What type of Diesel Generators do We Export?

We at Eram Power Projects Pvt Ltd develop, manufacture, and export varieties of generator models to meet the power requirement of global industries. In particular, our DG sets receive power via Perkins Engine / Baudouin / Cooper / Volvo Eicher and are available in different power ranges. If you want to get details about our generator models available for export, please contact us on - +91-8600604615 / +91-7774011993 / +91-7774011999

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