BAUDOUIN Generator

Marine and power generation applications usually need sophisticated quality and international standards of diesel generator sets. Luckily, industries may now acquire Baudouin Generator designed with outstanding engineering and innovation. The generator provides the required power supply to perform functions without any interruption.

Features of Baudouin Diesel Generators :

Generator comes equipped with reliable and robust Baudouin engines to strictly adhere to international quality standards. Accordingly, the features of the generator are as follows- Designed with state-of-the-art and innovative technologies Operate from a minimum range of 250 kVA to a maximum range of 2500 kVA Baudouin Generator has until now boasted about 50 Hz models. However, engineers will add many other powerful models very soon.

Each of the diesel engines powered by Baudouin incorporates a compact structure and delivers outstanding performance.

Baudouin Diesel Generators Applications :

Generator with Baudouin engine power kits equipped with variable speed engines to perform several industrial applications. A few popular applications include motor pump sets, agricultural equipment, firefighting devices, and dreading pumps. In particular, diesel engines powered by Baudouin are for marine applications based on their easy optimization and cost-effective maintenance. Other than that, the generator sets by the Baudouin brand possess a high tolerance to the quality of generator fuel. Hence, industries consider Baudouin-powered generators as ideal options to use in several remote areas of the world.

What type of Generator Set / Dg set Powered by Baudouin engine do we offer ?

Our experts at Eram Power Projects Pvt Ltd supply the highest quality diesel generator engines powered by Baudouin for diverse applications. We always focus on durability and innovative technology while designing and supplying DG sets for our customers.

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