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Solar powers everything that grows on earth and it is clean, reliable and infinite. In other words, it’s a source of energy that is no harm to our planet and that we can trust to build our world

Solar Rooftop Solutions

We help in Installation of solar rooftops systems for all residential and commercial purpose.

Solar Rooftop Installations plant or Solar Rooftop PV Systems offer unparalleled energy and revenue generation opportunities. In fact, residential and commercial roofs are the most underutilized assets. Above all, utilizing these assets by installing Solar Power plants can bring in long term benefits.

• Salient Features of Rooftop Solar Solutions:

• Pure Sine Wave Inverter

• Adjustable battery charging current based on applications

• Compatible to mains voltage and generator power

• Auto restart while AC is recovering

• Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance

• Cold Start Function

• Fulfils power requirements for conventional applications (Light, Fan, TV, Fridge)

• Generates Power and Supplies even when electricity is there

• Protects against overload, short circuit, battery discharge/overcharge

• Easy Installation, Easy Operation, and minimal Maintenance

• Export surplus energy generated to the grid

• 5 years of System warranty

• 25 years of Solar module warranty

• Applications of Solar Rooftop Solutions:

• Residential Complexes

• Villa and Row Houses

• Office Spaces

• Industries

• Schools and Colleges

• Hostels

• Hospitals

• Institutions

• Eateries & Lodges

• Places of Worship

• Convention Centers

• Farm Houses

Solar Street Lighting Solutions

Why solar LED street lights are best?

Solar LED Street Light Solutions are perfect & cost-effective solution for residential streets, parking lots, security, roadways & general area lighting applications because solar LED lighting is economically viable & efficient in applications, where the cost of providing electricity is expensive or problematic. Because of the low power consumption & very long lifespan, solar LED street lights are a good alternative to existing LPS (Low-Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) lamps

The Solar Street Light Solutions contain the Solar Panels which convert solar power to an electric current which can be stored in the battery for use later. A controller controls the ‘day to dawn switching’ which enables solar lights to automatically switch on at evening times.s

One can go for a Standalone / Off-grid Street Light systems or Grid-based Systems.  a large solar grid array In the grid-based systems is used to supply the power to all the different street poles. This way there is no need for battery backup. The power comes entirely from the solar power electricity in the case of Off-grid Street light systems.

Solar Powered Pumps

What is a Solar Water Pump?

Solar Water Pumping System, is a pump running on electricity generated from photovoltaic panels or the thermal energy radiated from sunlight instead of grid Electricity or Diesel run water pumps. The cost of operating solar-powered pumps is more economical because of very less operation and maintenance costs. It also has a less environmental impact than pumps powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE). They are used in places where grid electricity is unavailable.

• Uses energy freely available from Nature

• Very Low operational and maintenance cost

• Modular and scalable

• Reliable and user-friendly system

• Performs best during summer

• Requires very less supervision