DG Set MTU Engine Gas Engine

Are you looking for a decentralized power supply in your commercial or residential unit? You should install the advanced and innovative DG Set MTU Engine / Gas Engine. In particular, industrial owners may look for 4000 series of diesel generator sets to use in diverse locations and applications flexibly.

Features of DG Sets powered by Gas Engine or MTU Engine :

DG Set MTU Engine / Gas Engine comes with the following interesting features to accomplish tons of industrial operations. A few such functions include the following :

The latest DG set operated by a gas engine or MTU engine may increase its performance by approximately 30 percent
The product may withstand both humid and hot conditions
Stays highly robust against derated low lifecycle cost
Offers excellent serviceability and intervals of maintenance
Involves reduced consumption of oil
Elimination of any additional cylinder
Allows lifetime of 84,000 oH to achieve a big overhaul
The generator operates via an advanced 4000 series engine to allow natural gas operation. The combustion chamber of the DG set offers outstanding efficiency in terms of its performance

Applications of DG Sets by MTU Engine :

DG Set MTU Engine / Gas Engine possesses faster ramp-up and ramp-down with several partial load operations to be the right match for grid stabilizing applications. Furthermore, every type of generator powered by a gas engine meets the latest industrial codes and their necessary standards. Hence, industrial and commercial owners may use it to install and integrate into different systems without any problem.

What type of DG Set MTU Engine Do We Offer?

Our engineers at Eram Power Projects Pvt Ltd are responsible for supplying innovative DG sets powered by MTU diesel or gas engines for many industries looking for flexible and decentralized power and energy supply. Our products have gone recognized based on their outstanding performance, optimum fuel consumption, and robust designs.

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Operational Exibility :
Quick ramp-up and ramp-down plus a wide range of partial load operation make this product a perfect match for grid stabilization applications.
Fulfi lls the highest emission standards.

30% more power

The new genset increases its performance by 30%, withstanding hot and humid conditions.
Highly robust against derating Low lifecycle costs.
Good serviceability.
Favorable maintenance intervals.
Reduced oil consumption.
No additional exchange of cylinder.
84,000 oH lifetime to major overhaul.
84,000 oH lifetime to major overhaul (TBO).

Up to 44.4% el. efciency

An advanced, proven Series 4000 engine optimized for natural gas operation. Its combustion chambers ensure top levels combustion chambers ensure top levels of effi ciency in its performance category