Eram Power Projects PVT. LTD.

Diesel Generator Sets Manufacturer, Supplier

Eram Power Projects is a pvt. ltd. firm. All Directors are qualified and experience engineers in the field of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering applicable to various industries, Power and Commercial Projects.

We anticipate a great requirement of D.G. Sets in Industries, Hospitals, Hotels, Construction in our country. EPPPL proposes to develop it to provide a professional service in this area. With an aim to serve the industry through the process of humble growth, EPPPL endeavours to be a mature engineering company serving the society at large.


A professionally managed company, Eram Power Projects has a pool of talented engineers and technicians with wide experience and extensive knowledge of the Electrical, Automobile, and Power industry. Our team of highly qualified Engineers is always striving ahead in the march to still better performance.

The increasing Growth and turnover highlights the quality consciousness, which is our prime objective. Our quality control department conducts checks on all our inputs as well as conducts checks at different stages of production to ensure that our objective is fulfilled.

Legendary after-sales service is an integral part of its philosophy of customer service. It is A BORN COMMITMENT, A SENSE OF LOYALTY, NOT AN OBLIGATION. This includes pre-sales Engineering service and also an instant after sales service to keep our customers thoroughly satisfied. EPPPL has an ambitious expansion programme and plans to add more products to its existing range in the near future.

Eram Power Projects PVT. LTD.

Quality Policy

Eram Power Projects at all levels of our organisation committed to achieve and maintain leadership in the field of manufacturing supply & service of diesel generating sets to our customers and to maintain high product quality affordable price.

To achieve our high standards of quality, our QA & C implements :

Stringent testing and inspection of raw and semi - finished material.
Regular training of employees for updating knowledge levels.
Quality norms laid out to all vendors.
Frequent Management Reviews conducted to plan for continuous revision in product quality.
Provision of work environment conducive for employee motivation to ensure customer satisfaction.

Eram Power Projects Pvt. Ltd. warranty - 2 years or 5000 hrs for the Genset - bespeaks of our confidence in the quality of our Gensets. For added assurance, comprehensive with extended warranties is also available. Plus prompt attention to our clients from the Service team in the vicinity.


We are fully dedicated to improve the quality & service by using advanced technologies & Professionals having good knowledge and experience.

On behalf of this we are having factory at Ambernath to manufacture Acoustic & Control panel separately, so that we can ensure and be able to supply the goods having good quality.

We are constantly seeking new ways in which its products and services can be improved and enhanced in quality to ensure the continuance of complete customer satisfaction. Our numerous prestigious contracts and continuously growing client list are testament to its performance in attaining its goals.