Cooper Generators

Many homes, offices, and other commercial units require a consistent power supply to accomplish daily business operations. Such offices require innovative diesel generator devices to provide electric supply regardless of the unavailability of the main power supply. Here comes the role of Cooper Generators used mainly in industries.

Features of Cooper Generators :

Cooper Generators possess the following interesting features :

Involves oil consumption to approximately 0.01 percent of consumed fuel than fuel consumption of its counterpart, which is 0.1 percent.
Possess a space envelope to act as a space saver and a boon in the existing high property price
Incorporates the smallest possible oil sump capacity to allow low wear and tear problems
Highly efficient fuel with its versions available between 5 kVA and 250kVA
Heavy-duty industrial design
Inherent design to allow low maintenance

The product equips internationally serviced aggregates, such as starters, FIP, main and chargeable alternators, turbochargers, and controllers.

Applications of Cooper Generators :

Cooper Generators work well in every premise, which requires a portable generator to stay unaffected by power failure or power outrage. Accordingly, one can use the generator in home, shop, Hospital, Hotel, Commercial Building and office, industries. However, depending on your uninterrupted power supply requirement, you may use it in big industries as well.

A few of the generators incorporate bed plates to support the main bearing. Doing so will run the engine to make it suitable to accomplish heavy-duty applications.

The generators are useful in places, which demand less noise because of their manual and automatically synchronized panels.

What Type of Cooper Generators Do We Offer?

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Automatic Main Failure Panel.
Synchronising Panel - Manual & Automatic.
Soundproofing of existing D.G. Sets rooms.
Installation works.