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Modern manufacturing industries require constant power to perform their industrial operations. However, the production process hampers when the grid power fails. In this situation, industries look for Diesel Generator sets to generate power. These sets not only allow power generation but are also available with soundproof enclosures to function efficiently.

Features of a Diesel Generator :

Diesel Generator used in industries to generate power possesses the following features :

Uses a combination of an electric generator and a diesel engine for generating electrical energy.
Works on fuel and air compression techniques to inject fuel into it.
Generates a high amount of power because of its high energy value as compared to natural gas.
Requires less maintenance, as the generator does not possess any carburetor or spark plug

Applications of a Diesel Generator :

A Diesel Generator is usually present on-site at power plants for powering essential functions, like hydraulic units, pumps, fans, battery chargers, and related critical units. Besides, DG sets are useful in hydroelectric plants to control and power up spillway gates and avoid flooding issues when the main grid power loses. A few commercial units also use DGs as backup generators to keep the heating and cooling appliances with lights on to maintain a safe temperature and to continue regular work. Other than that, a DG set may keep every elevator, escalator, sump pump, warning system, and similar other systems running continuously.

What Diesel Generator Do We Offer :

Diesel or backup generators by our Eram Power Projects Pvt. Ltd. have found their wide applications to fulfill the power requirement in factories, commercial premises, farmhouses, and similar others. Our DG sets not only meet the latest safety norms but also are available in diverse ranges from 10KVA to 2500KVA, and similar others. If you want to get details on our DG sets, Please Email Us on - /

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Application areas of DG Generator / Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators (DG Generators) are used in various sectors due to their reliability, fuel efficiency, and ability to provide a quick start to power supply. Here are some application areas:

Commercial Establishments: DG generators are widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, and office buildings to provide power during outages to keep businesses running smoothly.

Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals and healthcare facilities use DG generators as a reliable backup to ensure critical life-saving machines and systems continue to operate during power outages.

Data Centers: These facilities require continuous power supply to ensure data protection, making DG generators crucial for backup power.

Industrial & Manufacturing Units: Industries with heavy machinery often use DG generators to prevent costly downtime during power outages and to power operations in remote locations.

Construction Sites: DG generators are often used at construction sites, which may not have access to the power grid, to power tools and machinery.

Residential Buildings: In residential areas, DG generators are used to provide backup power during power outages, ensuring continued operation of household appliances.

Telecommunication Towers: DG generators are used to power telecommunication towers, especially in remote locations, to ensure continuous operation.

Event Management: DG generators are often used in events like concerts or outdoor weddings to supply power to sound systems, lighting, and catering services.

Agricultural Sector: DG generators can provide power for irrigation systems, greenhouses, and other agricultural processes, especially in remote areas.

Transportation: Airports, railway stations, and seaports use DG generators to ensure continuous operations and safety systems.

These are just a few examples; DG generators can be used anywhere reliable power supply is needed, especially in areas where power outages are common or the grid connection is unstable or unavailable.