DG Set with Perkins Engine

Every industry today looks for silent diesel generator sets as an alternative power supply when the main power grids turn off. Considering this, good companies supply DG Sets with Perkins Engine to deliver outstanding performance and reliable solutions.

Features of Generators Powered by Perkins Engine :

DG Sets with Perkins Engine possess the following interesting features to use in diverse industries :

Eco-friendly product and compliant with noise and emission 
The compact design of the diesel generator
Possess outstanding fuel efficiency
High ratio of power to weight
Low consumption of lube oil
Low cost of maintenance
Ability to withstand noise and emission to a maximum of 1000 KVA 
Allows simple operation, monitoring, and installation

Note-Perkins Engine-powered generator sets meet every possible industry standard and code. Hence, one can integrate them into diverse systems without any hassle. 

Applications of Perkins Engine-powered DG Sets :

Our DG Sets with Perkins Engine have a flexible design to suit every location and industrial application. A few examples are as follows :

Perkins engine-powered generator sets are suitable for permanent and emergency power systems and are installable as stationary or mobile units.

Ability to meet high industry standards based on fuel efficiency, quality, and performance.

Assurance of reliable power supply when the power grid fails, like data centres, hospitals, nuclear power plants, residential units, industrial plants, decentralized power stations, and public facilities.

Other than that, one can get customized generator sets or power system solutions depending on their requirements. 

What type of Perkins Engine DG Sets do we offer?

We at Eram Power Projects Pvt Ltd supply a few of the top quality silent DG sets powered by worldwide recognized fuel-efficient Perkins Engine. Our generator sets meet the latest CPCB Norms for noise or sound emission to a maximum of 1,000 KVA.

Eram Power Projects is a private ltd firm. All Directors are qualified and experience engineers in the field of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering applicable to various industries, Power and Commercial Projects. Eram Power Projects Pvt Ltd is one of the best DG Sets with Perkins Engine manufacturer /supplier, DG Sets with Perkins Engine supplier, DG Sets with Perkins Engine service provider and DG Sets with Perkins Engine exporter in Mumbai, India. We are DG Sets with Perkins Engine provides in all over countries. If you have want this DG Sets with Perkins Engine please quote here!


Automatic Main Failure Panel
Synchronising Panel - Manual & Automatic
Soundproofing of existing D.G. Sets rooms
Installation works.

We Also Manufacture Mobile & RTU (Ready To Use) D.G. Sets


All models are Prime Power rated as per ISO 8528.
Ratings are at 415 volt, 3 phase, 50 Hz, 0.8 pf at 1500 rpm. For higher voltage applications, please contact us.
Contact us for your requirement of more than 1250 kVA.
10% Overload for one hour in every 12 hours permitted in accordance with ISO 3046/1, BS 5514, DIN 6271.
Packages comply to CPCB II exhaust emissions and noise regulations.
All specifications are for reference purpose and are subject to revisions and improvements.

1 30 Perkins 1103A-33G3 LSAP423G EP30P
2 45 Perkins 1103A-33TG1 LSAP423G EP45P
3 60 Perkins 1103A-33TG2 LSAP 423 K EP60P
4 80 Perkins 1104A-44TG2 LSAP 443B2 EP80P
5 100 Perkins 1104C-44TAG2 LSAP443C EP100P
6 135 Perkins 1106A-70TG1 LSAP 443H EP135P
7 150 Perkins 1106A-70TAG2 LSAP 443H EP150P
8 180 Perkins 1106A-70TAG3 LSAP45M0 EP180P
9 200 Perkins 1106A-70TAG4 LSAP45 M1 EP200P
10 250 Perkins 1206A-70TTAG3 LSAP45 L1 EP250P
11 300 Perkins 1506A-E88TAG5 LSAP 45 C EP300P
12 400 Perkins 2206A-E13TAG5 LSA 47.2 Vs3 EP400P
13 500 Perkins 2506A-E15TAG2 LSA 47.2 M7 EP500P
14 600 Perkins 2806A-E18TAG1A LSA 47.2 L9 EP600P
15 650 Perkins 2806A-E18TAG2A LSA49.1S4 EP650P