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Rotary UPS Kinetic Power Pack
Rotary UPS Kinetic Power Pack

The mtu Kinetic PowerPack perfectly answers all your specific needs regarding power, footprint, and sustainability. The dynamic UPS technology is based on kinetic energy and consists of a diesel engine coupled to a kinetic energy accu via an electromagnetic clutch. mtu Kinetic PowerPacks ensure reliable and environmentally friendly uninterruptible electrical power and power conditioning.

We believe in the power of dynamic UPS. Without the need for batteries, the system offers the highest power density (kW/m²) in the industry with a high system efficiency in conditioning mode, low total cost of ownership, small footprint, scalable solutions, and a compact design.

Whether your installation is on top of a skyscraper or in the world’s most isolated desert, with our local 24/7 service network, you can rest assured that your power supply runs smoothly at all times.

We are a global partner securing ‘infinite’ power for businesses and industries across the globe. From the Rockies to Santiago de Chile, Singapore to Frankfurt, Hong Kong to South Africa,

System specifications

• Rated voltage : 380, 400, 440 and 480 Volts Medium Voltage Up to 36kV
• Frequency : 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Input specifications
• Standard input voltage tolerances : ± 10%
• Standard input frequency tolerance : ± 1Hz
• Input power factor under nominal conditions : 0,98
Output specifications
Output voltage steady state conditions :± 1%
• Output voltage during dynamic conditions, < 1 second: ± 5%
• Output frequency steady state conditions : ± 0,5%
• Output frequency during dynamic conditions, < 1 second: ± 1Hz
(With maximum 50% load step)
• Design output power factor : 0.8
• Max. Current during down-stream short circuit : 20 x In
• Harmonic distortion factor on linear load : ≤ 3%
• Overload capacity in normal operation : 10% for one hour in every 12 hrs
• Voltage system symmetry : 2%
• adio interference level :K
Ambient conditions
• Maximum ambient temperature : 50°C (122F)
• Humidity : 90% non condensing

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