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"Eram Genset - Powered by Force MTU Engine - PRIME DUTY DIESEL GENERATOR Set 500 KVA, 415 V, 50 HZ"

Mitsubishi Engine
Mitsubishi Engine

Special Features:

•Fully authority CRDI engine with superior fuel economy and Industry leading average load factor
• Silencer Placement inside enclosure
• Digital Voltage & Frequency regulation
• Remote monitoring & diagnosis
• Major Service points on one side of the system
• Longer maintenance interval 500 Hours or 2 Years
• No schedule overhaul

Force MTU Benefit:

• Global product design, single factory manufacturing product for the world
• Best in class smallest foot print
• Services of the future:
     •Service call request available on your finger tip
     • Genset health monitoring through mobile App and remote desktop
     • Remote diagnostic
• 2 Years or 5000 Hours warranty on entire Diesel Generator System

Standard features:

• Radiator, Engine & Alternator mounted on single skid
• Radiator with 45℃ ambient temperature
• Dry type air filter with restriction indicator
• Integrated Fuel tank with 09 hours capacity
• Fuel Cooler & Fuel pre filter with water Separator
• AC Panel and DC Control Panel mounted inside enclosure

FM 600 Diesel Generator Rating
500 kVA 400 kWe 3 Phase 415V 50 Hz 0.8 p.f.
Conformance Standards

• ISO 3046-1 • ISO 8528 -1 • AS 2789 • DIN 6271

Definition as per ISO 8528-1 (PRP)

Prime power is defined as being the maximum power which a generating set is capable of delivering continuously whilst supplying a variable electrical load when operated for an unlimited number of hours per year under the agreed operating conditions with the maintenance intervals and procedures being carried out as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Definition as per ISO 8528-1 (ESP)

Emergency standby power is defined as the maximum power available during a variable electrical power sequence, under the stated operating conditions, for which a generating set is capable of delivering in the event of a utility power outage or under test conditions for up to 200 h of operation per year with the maintenance intervals and procedures being carried out as prescribed by the manufacturers.

Application Data

Manufacturer MTU
Model 10V1600G20F
Type 4-Cycle
Arrangement 10-V
Displacement: Ltrs. 17.5
Bore: mm 122
Stroke: mm 150
Compression ratio 17.5
Rated rpm 1500
Engine governor ECU 8 (G3 Class)
Nominal power: kWm 448
Air cleaner Dry
Duty Prime
Generator Type 4 Pole Brushless
Insulation class H-Class
Bearing single bearing
Enclosure IP23
Voltage regulation ±0.5%
Exciting system MAUX Auxiliary (DER1)
AVR Type Digital
Winding Pitch 2/3
Rated Speed 1500
Rated Voltage 415
Alternator Efficiency 94.6% @ 100% Load
Fuel System
Max. fuel flow: Ltrs/min 5.7
Fuel tank capacity: Ltrs 990
Electric system volts DC 24
Number of batteries 2
Capacity: Ah 2 X 105
Fuel Consumption
At 100% of power Rating: Ltrs/ Hr 105.0
At 75% of Power Rating: Ltrs/Hr 82.20
Cooling System
Ambient capacity of radiator: °C 45
Pressure on rad.: kPa 0.2
Heat rejection to coolant: kW 231
System Capacity
Total oil system: Ltrs (Initial Filling) 60.5
Oil change quantity: Ltrs. 53
Total coolant capacity: Ltrs 135
Engine Oil Pressure: Bar 4.5 to 5.5
Air Requirements
Combustion Air-flow: m3/s 0.57
Cooling air flow: m3/s 7.5
Control Panel
Controller DSE 7320 MKII AMF Ready
Circuit Breaker 4P, MCCB, 36 kA
Exhaust System
Exhaust Flow : m3/s 1.5
Exhaust Temp after Turbo : °C 482
Exhaust Back pressure: mBar 85
Exhaust Systemn
Exhaust Flow : m3/s 1.56
Exhaust Temp after Turbo : °C 500
Exhaust Back pressure: mBar 85
Engine Alternator High coolant temperature Over Speed Low Oil Pressure Over/Under voltage Over/Under Frequency Over current Short Circuit
Length Width Height Appox.Weight
5800 mm 2000 mm 2200 mm 7208 Kg (in Dry condition


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