Eram Canopies Sound Proof and Environment Friendly Acoustic Enclosures

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Canopies From ERAM
Canopies From ERAM
Canopies From ERAM

Canopies From ERAM
Canopies From ERAM
Canopies From ERAM

Canopies From ERAM
Canopies From ERAM
Canopies From ERAM

Canopies From ERAM
Canopies From ERAM

We at EEPL manufacture an acoustic enclosure with our innovative techniques and keeping in view the

  • a. Adequate ventilation for genset cooling air requirement.
  • b. Absorbent / insulating material used is fire radiant.
  • c. Suitable thermal lagging to avoid localized heating of adjoining part of exhaust.
  • d. Easy access to service points on gensets.

The acoustic enclosure is designed with the help of CAD software. The enclosure can be tailor made as per the requirement and depending upon the capacity of D.G. Set. The enclosure is ideal for all locations of installation.

Construction details :

  • a) Silent D.G Set container is of modular construction with the provision to assemble and dismantle easily as per site condition.
  • b) The structure is fabricated using >CRCA (cold rolled cold-annealed) sheets 14/16 SWG perforated sheets of 22 gauge with 6mm dia are used to support the panels and roof. Rock wool slabs of suitable thickness and high density is used for acoustic purpose to reduce the sound level to permissible limits, i.e. as per pollution control norms.
  • c) The doors are gasket with high quality EPDN gaskets to avoid leakage of sound. The door handles are lockable type

Acoustic material

  • a) Rock wool slabs with high density 64kg/m3 and confirming to IS-8183.
  • b) High-density fiber glass.
  • c) To increase the life of acoustic material, resin coated fiberglass cloth is provided on exposed surface of rock wool.
  • d) For modifying reverberations, sound absorbent and sound reflecting materials are used. Thickness of Acoustics will be 100mm, confirm to sound level of 75 db at 3mtr. distances from acoustic enclosure. Excellent results of acoustic enclosures are achieved by creating the proper balance between sound absorbing and sound reflecting materials.

Surface Treatment

  • a) The enclosure is painted with polyurethane epoxy paint with zinc oxide primer base, for the longer life and to make it weather proof.
  • b) The paint is highly resistant to acids, alkalies, salt spray, halogens, solvents, lubricants etc. It has very good dielectric properties and resistant to abrasion and cracking.
  • c) This surface treatment is 100% non-yellowing aliphatic polyurethane which provides heavy-duty long-term protection for equipment

Ventilation :

  • a) For the proper ventilation and to maintain the temperature inside the enclosure, exhaust fans are used. Air volume required for ventilation is calculated keeping in view the combustion, cooling air, & alternator cooling air as per the specifications given by the engine and alternator manufacturer.
  • b) If required a blower ( Co- axle flow fan) is used to meet total air requirement & air charges.
  • c) Temp. of enclosure does not exceed beyond 7 deg. of ambient temp.

Features :

  • a) Guaranteed performance
  • b) Complete size flexibility
  • c) Sturdy construction
  • d) Access doors from all sides
  • e) Ventilation options include acoustic louvers ad attenuates if required.
  • f) Proper surface treatment for longer life and better aesthetics.
  • g) Proper designed to achieve best acoustic qualities.
  • h) Consistent quality, dimensions and performance.


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  • 0251-2620056
  • response@eramgenset.net
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